1929 Wood flooring

The plywood portion of the flooring in 1929 was 5 ply over today's traditional 4 ply. 
The re-work included
stripping away the top loose layer and laminating a new face surface to areas marred
or completely missing... The final product was belt sanded, glued and antiqued keeping
98% of the original floor panelling of 1929 intact.    The original floor had been painted black we opted for clear por on  the original wood.  Our statement it is WOOD, unlike metal flooring it lasted 1929 to 2008 without rusting away...worthy of a good shine and a clear Cover
Wood everywhere
Now lets sand it, Sand Blast it and cover it in por Clear

For the Transmission
We blasted it and painted
it with Black Por..
The complete 3 speed magic Transmission lies within the Orange Box.

Smaller than on todays
Riding Lawn Mowers.
The universal joint is
housed and not exposed
to the elements.

The Drive shaft is also enclosed nothing turns
on the outside.
This is mid day shot of
the now repainted  Drive Train, the wood has been
sanded and found firm
waiting for clear Por.

How to rust prof wood floor
Paint underneath in
Latex House Paint...
Grace memorial Bridge USA 1929......All car's went Ah ooooh ga. or ha ha ha
depending how fast you hit the horn button.
1929 Ad Green Interior
More to come as work progress's


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The doors are also
Metal skin over wood

NO wet rot of Dry rot
has been found to date
Now this looks better