1929 Chev crank Shaft

This is close to the way it looked to the naked eye.

in deed everyone said
get a gasket and run it as

Note: The engine  uses

I use a Canon Camera
which likes to see RED.
In fact people modify Digital camera's to remove the IR filter making them able to see through clothes, check the web for this..

Non the matter
if you camera is color balanced you might want to turn up the red on your monitor, You now have a Rust Spy Camera.

The only item not carrying rust was the oil pick up
shoots and the lobes
on the cam shaft.
                 Rust inspection, when you can't see any rust anywhere.

This Engine is Heavy as it is Long.  It could not be mounted on a Engine stand, built for a V8, without
it falling forwards and literally bending the mounting plate,  We modifid the stand so that the engine
could be mounted standing up vertically.