56 Years in Storage 1952 - 2008

1929 Chevrolet Coach
Gets a fresh re-Start in May of 2008 after 56 Years of Storage. 
You will hear it fire up, run and the first honk of it's Horn in 56 years.......1952
Details     If you start me up I will never stop.....I will take you places, double speed, you never seen.  (Rolling Stones)

First run after  56 Years of storage  1952-2008
1952 -  The oil was last installed in 1952 and driven 10 miles before being stored, as read on the B/A oil
             sticker. 56 years later, in 2008 the oil  was varnish like but still slippery to the finger rub test.                  
              However, left to sit water could be seen in the oil.
A full year prior to attempting to start in 2008, the spark plugs where removed and the cylinder will filled with a shot of WD40,  capped up with Diesel fuel and left to sit.

Starter armature corroded, turned  over by very slow - Starter, required dismantling, cleaning of the brushes, armature, surprising, the bearing at both ends of starter, where in top notch pristine shape.

Power to the Starter
The B+ line remains solid at the battery, but shows high resistance at the starter termination and will have to be replaced during the re-furbishing process.

Coming out of storage

Gas line, tank, Carburetor, fuel pump, plugged with fermenting fuel, (black crude) in many areas hard crust Stone line in others.  oddly,  absolutely no dirt in the fuel screen or on either side of the screen.
Every port in the carb. plugged, frozen or badly gelled.

Internal engine washing
Diesel oil, was used as the washing ingredient.  Used as the crank case fluid to wash the bearings, ran 2 gallons in two separate hand cranking events, which progressed to  Electric starter turn over second  and finally 2 timed 10 minute running operations, before installing 10-30 motor oil.

Upon entry of the 10-30 motor oil the engine burned oil like a 2 stroker,  and went clean after 2 runs of 5 minute duration, as the piston rings released 

The motor crank case oil is now on it’s second delivery of fresh oil in 5 miles of driving.

Make shift Fuel tank  _boat gas tank

As a result of 56 years of storage, the fuel tank and feeding lines are completely rotten.  Removing the crude
from the fuel line and fuel tank is not an option.  The tank will be removed steam cleaned and the fuel line replaced.