The 1929  six was simple and durable. It displaced 194 cubic inches and produced 46 bhp at 2,600 rpm.  Chevy's now  famous 19 - 20 MPG  began .
   The "Cast-Iron Wonder,"  " Stove Bolt SIx" as it eventually became known, employed a solid overhead-valve design in a cast-iron block, inexpensive cast-iron pistons maintained by a non-pressurized lubrication system, and a Carter single-barrel carburetor.The original Stovebolt would last through 1936, but a continually improved six would remain as Chevrolet's only power-plant for three decades.
Cleaning it up
New Paint
Bearngs Checks
Valve adjustment

Note with 68,000 miles
this engine has "no" Oil Filter, the oil must be changed every 500 miles.  There is no thermostat and the air cleaner is open, with a simple vain dust hole.

The copper pipe leading out is the Vacum Line which operates the Window Wiper by Vacum

No blow by either.

November of 2007
Here is the success of
pulling out a engine at midnight..  At that time
no is left about to tell you
what not to do. 

The hoist and stand was lent by a good neighbor and Long time Friend Peter Chernicki.
Sand Blasting the 79 years
of mud, oil and general splatter away.  In many places it was pick and hammer then sand blasting.

Power washing Useless.

This part of the project consumed
2.5 afternoons.

There will be on this as the finished product developes ...
Got Engine need to clean it. "End of Long Day"  Sept 2008