Current works in progress

Project #25  Front windshield  hand crank  June 8  2008
Removal of the front head liner to source out the operation of the front windSHIELD,  some say the windshield cranks up to allow  air into under the dash.  Others, recall, crank pushes the front window forward allowing air inside.

The crank above the driver seat is not mentioned in the operators manual, time will tell what the hand crank
secret holds?'''

The winner is:
The front windshield cranks up, to allow air to breath under the front dash panel.

The Crank unit was made in November 1928 by:

Detroit Michagan USA.
Ternstedt MFG Co
Patend 633720+1643320


1) Mechanically the gears are made of brittle white pot metals
    as the grears mounts are broken off this project will need to be revisted.
    It is thought we can hand cut and craft the gears from aluminum stock.

2) The front windshield is binding, at this time, the body frame will need to be examined
    to find the source of the binding.

Total time to date 6  hours