Wall Car One 1929 Chevrolet Coach AC Canada
          When Transportation had become magical  "INTERNATIONAL" series
                   The # 1 escape vehicle of choice for moonshiner(s) in the U.S.A.
'29 Chevrolet Power Mattered
The first and only Car purchased by the Wall's near CARTWRIGHT Manitoba
                                          Wright's, Wall,  Malec,  Amelon, Cousin Kelough
     1929 Chevrolet Coach AC international
          May June    2012  issue
           Current Man hours on Restoring
2010.65 hr
Completion date July 28 2012 trip to Cartwright MB Parade  in Question Engine in Machine shop

     Restoration by Stan and son Ryan Malec
                             "Bolt by Bolt"
1929 Same Family Automobile
                    Current 4th Generation a turning.

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Wall Car One - Wall Car Garage


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Cartwright MB Visit us 1892

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1929 "outrage" over soaring  Gas Prices
A must see:  ---- 11 cents and no end to it ..
Get the latest on these rising prices (click here) 1929
USA Prohibition 1919 to 1933
Canada much more complicated (
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1929 Chevrolet begins treck to show the public
          it can get better than "20"  Miles per gallon.
          A number that would stick for decades
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                     This Chevrolet purchased in the Great Depression - Rebuilt in the Second Great Depression
            GM stocks Crash 1929   GM stocks Crash  2004 - 2008/9/10/11  
How bad GM and Unions can be for Canada         
                                                           General Motors the new # 3  largest car seller in  Canada 2009              
                                          GM had been number one for 77 years, but gave up a number of decades back
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Remains of Detroit Time,com  Pictorial  How GM  left it

The no Hero story, 100 Years of poor Management and poor Unions spreading Walk outs around the Globe 
Chevrolet reports record-setting Dec. retail sales; 1930 total by all dealers was 46,753 cars and trucks, almost twice as many as any previous Dec.1929. 
Review of new car registrations in first 11 months shows urban sections held up relatively better than rural districts; of geographic areas, Eastern US held up best, followed by Far West; South did the worst.
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   In for service at 68,000 Miles    General Motors of Canada   "GMC"
The 1929 "Chevy Escape Song"
was originally made on a cylinder device
before compact 78 RPM  records became popular
All about the song writer Frank Hutchison

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     on July 9, "1929" in New York City.

An ode to the 
New Powerful Chevy 6
Became the # 1 escape vehicle of choice for moonshiners escaping from U.S. revenue agents.
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Very popular Car for cross border shopping
as Canada had different rules....perhaps
why it had an
"A who ga"  horn..that could also sing "ha, ha, ha"  
Canadian Please two people one camera
The Chevy Trend Setter Six
     it had groopies internationaly

The real reason it was called
    the "Stove Bolt Six"               
<Press this button
       A strange fact this car
   could "run" on Moonshine

Part of its "HA HA HA'-  ye ha
    -  ah who ga   heritage

    I'm not making this up.

This car cost $595.00 '1929
Loaded $900
General Motors Canada Regina 1929 - 1930

To meet the heavy demand for new cars in Saskatchewan General Motors built this plant in 1928. It was 370,000 square feet in area and the site was 38 acres. The plant was completed in six months and the first new all Canadian made Chevrolet boasting a six cylinder engine rolled off the assembly line in December 1928. The plant produced a new car every four minutes, a 150 cars per day. The plant closed in 1930 following the stock market crash and the start of the great depression.  Regina General Motors
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Detroit may have failed as a City, but they exported much more to the world than Cars and Trucks,  indeed they did.

Reputedly the most valuable record sound in the world. Comes from MOTOWN.  Detroit deserves it, 1965 at the Peak of a City.
Northern Soul (UK) loves it, as does the world.  Play it and tell me your  not singing it in your head the very next day.
Song & video produced by Julia Bentley & Andrew Gunadie
The sound that outsold all the Car's and Trucks in the World.. How to Dance Northern Soul
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Russian AC International sounds exported
Valeriya  (Russia's Madona)
For more on Valeriya (click here)
Our Town Winnipeg, MB Canada  1920's -1955
Our Town Winnipeg invented the Paint Roller Brush
now there all made in China
Gull lake (Wallace) invented cooling fins for Chryslers
Break Drums indeed he did.
Some Good news: Nov 30, 2010
General Motors will hire 1,000 engineers in Michigan to help expand the automakers’ lineup of electric-drive vehicles, the maker of the Chevrolet Volt gasoline-electric car said yesterday. GM plans to sell 10,000 Volts next year and 45,000 in 2012.